5 Traveling Hacks With Car Rental Rockwall Tx

As an experienced traveling adult, you are probably familiar with this scenario: You get off the plane, maybe tired and hungry, find the desk of the rental car, sign the agreement, get in the car, and leave.

Within seconds, you’re typically in one of two environments: busy or terrifying airport traffic or comfortable traveling option. Most people opt for the convenience and Swift Rental Car provides it. Our Car Rental in Rockwall TX is reliable, easily accessible and punctual.

Here are some things you should remember while renting a vehicle;

The first and most important thing to remember when getting into a rental car is this: You are not familiar with this car.

While you’re probably not familiar with your location and surroundings, either, being unfamiliar with this car is the leading cause of accidents within a few hundred feet of the car rental parking lot. This is how travel insurance covers car rental.

Car Rental Rockwall Tx

Most people are super suspicious about every nickel and expenditures. Adding a few dollars to an invoice is hard for everyone. The cost adds up and people wonder how many of these “add-ons” simply add up to a company’s profits. It seems naive to drive a car out of the rental lot without insurance, but if your personal car insurance already covers a rental, why should you lose $ 25 on something you don’t need?

Know if your insurance covers you by renting a car in advance, so fear (and ignorance) don’t make you lose money on something unnecessary.

Inspect your car in the parking lot. You may be encouraged to drive into the sunset on your new ride, but don’t leave the lot without doing a thorough vehicle inspection. Take a look at the mileage, look for dents and scratches, and check the tires and fluid levels (and make sure the gas tank is full). You may also want to open the trunk and make sure you have the right tools to change a tire if necessary.

Know The Car Before Driving It

Once you’re behind the wheel, don’t think “I have this.” You have to follow a few more security steps first. The most important is to familiarize yourself with the car before leaving the parking lot. Find out how to adjust the radio, turn on the lights and wipers, and set the heat or air conditioning. Adjust your seat wherever you want and your rearview mirror too. If you try to tackle all these unknown settings while driving, you will be more than just a distracted driver – you will be dangerous.

Car Rental Rockwall Tx

As always, fasten your seat belt. It goes without saying, but seat belts are a must, no matter what car you drive. Don’t forget to secure your belt before you leave.

Know Where You Are Going Before You Go

Familiarize yourself with your destination before leaving the lot, even if you use a GPS to guide you. You’re already driving a car you don’t know. Get an idea of where you are going before leaving the lot and you will be a safer driver.

These last two tips may seem like common sense, but remember that when you get to a new place, you’re usually already a little distracted. Reduce the chances of that distraction leading to a dent in your travel plans by following all of these tips, but especially these last two.

Air conditioning is a security feature of car rental. Renting a car with a functioning air conditioner is an essential safety feature for car rentals, as it allows you to drive with your windows closed. Thieves have been known to steal wallets through open car windows, even when the car is in motion. It always pays to be careful, drives in the middle lane to avoid being vulnerable on the sidewalk, and always be aware of your surroundings.

Prepay For Gasoline

Prepaid gas charges give simplicity to traveling, as well as concerns about being late for airport flights, as every few minutes added to the trip to the airport creates a big risk of missing the flight. As airport security has added considerable time to this process, rental companies have unveiled new options for auto refueling, and are giving them the hard sell at the rental counter.

Unless you’re absolutely certain you’ll return the tank empty, or if you have a pre-dawn flight that would make it worth your money not to have to refuel, don’t be fooled by this one. Even the option in which the company charges you only for the fuel you actually use tilts aggressively in favor of the rental agency because the cost of refueling your car is almost always higher than the cost of doing it yourself.

Travel with a Small Flashlight

In our house, people have a spare flashlight in each of our vehicles, just in case. When traveling, it is also a good idea to travel with a flashlight and keep it handy in the rental car. You never know when an inopportune collapse could leave you stuck on the side of the road, or when you’ll need a flashlight to find the wallet that must have failed from your pocket. Many people have flashlight apps on their phones and consider it a good substitute, but be aware that the app drains the battery. If you have to use your phone as a flashlight, what happens when the battery runs out and you can no longer use it as a phone?

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