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If you plan to rent a car for a holiday, you should consider the tips Swift Rental Car shared below beforehand. By doing so, we believe that you can easily avoid the extra charges and notice what to expect at the counter.

Avoid Lines On Holidays By Following The Steps Below:

We all know that airports can be very busy on holidays. If you have a flight over the holiday season, it may take a long time at the airport for you to pick it up. To decrease the time as much as possible, we would like to remind you of some tips.

– You will likely have to take a shuttle to pick up your car at the airport. Checking the shuttle information beforehand will save you time. After landing at the airport, you can collect your luggage and go directly to the location of the shuttle. You can also check our company’s websites for transportation information.
– You have the opportunity to buy your insurance in advance! If you buy your insurance through an app along with your car rental reservation, you don’t need to buy over the counter, saving you time and money. You can find detailed information about our insurance below!
– Another important tip to decrease the time you spend online is to use the “Online Registration” feature that most companies offer. If your car rental reservation is from Swift Rental Car in Sunnyvale you can register online to save a great time before your trip.
You should also check out the other tips below. We firmly believe that you should keep them in mind for a smooth car rental experience!

Remember To Bring Your Credit Card To Pick It Up

It is important to note that most car rental companies require a credit card in the driver’s name to deliver the car. Although there are some expectations (see the link), it is generally not possible to pick up the car with a debit card or cash. If you want to use a debit card for your car rental, there may be additional fees, security deposits, or car rental companies may request additional documents. To avoid any inconvenience, our best advice is to have a credit card before picking up your rental vehicle. However, if you come to Swift in Sunnyvale, there will be no need for a credit card for booking.

Rent Your Car In Advance To Be Eligible For The Cheapest Deals

The volatility of the car rental price is very similar to that of airline tickets. If you plan your trip in advance, you will always find the cheapest car rental deals. Especially at airports, cars can run out very quickly. If you are reading this, we suggest you complete your reservation as soon as possible.

Fill The Tank To Avoid The Extra Wait

Be sure to fill the tank with fuel before leaving it to avoid additional charges.
Car rental companies generally deliver Rent a Car Sunnyvale to the driver with a full tank of fuel. If that’s the case in your car rental, you should remember to return the car in the same condition. If you deliver with an empty fuel tank, there will be additional charges on your credit card statement.

Rent Car Sunnyvale

Most car rental companies have offices inside the arrival hall. On rare occasions, you may have to take a shuttle to the counter. In Texas, you will most likely need to take a shuttle to the counter from car rental companies. It is important to note the location instructions beforehand so that you do not waste time when you arrive at the airport with your heavy luggage.
Good to know that most car rental companies will charge a one-way fee when you deliver to a different location. At Swift offers vehicles that are fully maintained. Experienced mechanics daily check the interior of the cars. They make sure the breaks and engine run in good condition for your safety. If you require an additional driver, we also provide it to you.

Buy Insurance In Advance To Avoid High Over-The-Counter Prices.

It is common for car rental companies to sell their own insurance over the counter, and the rates are often more than you expect.
Use alternative solutions instead of adding GPS to your rental car
Rental cars generally do not include GPS and prefer to offer it as an additional over the counter service. When you are at the counter, you may be offered to add a GPS to your car rental at a separate charge. Instead of accepting this offer, you can simply use the GPS on your smartphone. Most devices have a decent GPS app nowadays. With a quick search, you can find a useful GPS app and make sure you don’t get lost on the road.
You should know that car rental companies charge drivers under the age of 25 separately. Fees for minors (youth) are generally not included in reservations. Before making a reservation, you should check the “Free Included” section to see if the offer you selected includes a rate for minors. If you can’t find an option that includes the child rate, you can expect additional charges at the counter.

Make Sure Check The Car

Before opening the door and stepping inside the car make sure to run a deep check. Rental car companies examine the car after your arrival and tend to charge if there is any damage. These companies also give customers proper time to check everything for satisfaction.
So, make sure o avail the time and run a deep check. This will also save you time. You won’t be waiting for hours to negotiate over any problem.
Strat your checking process by looking at the interior; check the seats, front and back, dashboard and breaks. If you find any problem make sure to address them and take a picture so rental car companies never over charge you.
We firmly believe that these are important tips that every tenant should take into account before completing the reservation for Rent a Car Sunnyvale. Click on the following link and start your wonderful journey!
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