Why You Need A Mobile Screen Protector?

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Our smartphones are devices without which we can no longer live, some of us literally. No wonder we can’t imagine our day without these things. But what if something happens to your precious and its screen? How can you use it? We’ve asked ourselves the same thing, so we decided to explore the screen saver market and try to find out if this is something you need and how it can help you. Stay tuned to discover with Boost Mobile Livonia.

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The screen protection is a thin sheet of plastic or glass that covers the screen of your phone and provides additional protection against scratches, bumps, and bumps. Depending on the material it is made of and the quality of production, your screen protector may have a different price range. Usually, the screen protector is applied directly to the screen of your phone and provides an additional protective layer. You can see it as an airbag for your screen. To apply it correctly, you must clean your screen and press the screen protector against it.

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Be careful and be sure to squeeze out all air bubbles because they can reduce the protective capacity of the screen protector. The central function of the screen saver is to absorb scratches and bumps instead of your screen. In case it breaks, it will quickly replace it with a couple of dollars. Anyway, it will cost much less to replace the screen protector than if you had to change the full screen of your smartphone.

Is Gorilla Glass Enough To Protect Your Mobile Screen?

Most phones now have strong screens that are resistant to external damage, at least according to the phone’s specifications. Sometimes it’s Corning Gorilla Glass; Sometimes it is a sapphire crystal or some other form of specially processed glass. But, we have all witnessed accidents where such exhibits were completely shattered with blows and blows that they could not bear. So, is it logical to ask whether such protection is sufficient?

Giving the correct answer to this question is difficult. Even if the Gorilla Glass (and similar tempered lenses) is quite durable and provides high quality, it is not scratch proof. Over time, especially if you are a type of consumer who carries your phone in a pocket with key chains or in a bag with all kinds of things, you can quickly get scratches of all your things. To prevent that from happening, you should think of glass protection as an additional layer of protection that you have wrapped around your phone.

What Are The Advantages Of Having The Screen Saver?

As already mentioned, the advantages of having an additional protective layer on your phone are the following: – You will have a screen without scratches; – In case you drop your phone, there is a better chance that you will not have to replace the full screen if you have a screen protector; – You can afford to place your phone and keys in the same pocket. Come to Boost Mobile of Redford to get the finest quality glass protector. Our Boost Mobile Livonia store has everything to offer customers related to glass protectors.

Do You Need A Screen Protector?

In the end, when wondering if you need a screen protector, imagine sitting in a car without a seat belt. Yes, you can take a walk without him, but having it increases the chances of having a safe trip. The same rule applies to the screen saver: it increases the chances of having a perfect screen under this thin layer of additional protection. Images from: Anker.com, Totallee.co

The benefits of tempered glass screen protectors

It is More Durable

Tempered glass is stronger than plastic screen protectors. Tempered glass protectors are scratch-resistant and can absorb shock when the phone falls. They are approximately 0.3 0.5 mm thick and are designed to crack instead of the screen of your real phone after falling.

It Looks And Feels Better

Tempered glass screen protectors feel similar to the screen of your real phone. Your finger will slide more easily over a glass protector than a plastic protector.

A glass protector will also not affect the image quality, colors or sharpness of the screen. If you watch many videos from Netflix or YouTube, plastic screen protectors can distort your viewing quality. Tempered glass protectors will not decrease your outdoor visibility. Although we recommend matt finish protectors instead of bright protectors if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

It Is Easier To Clean

As it is glass, it is easy to remove grease and oils from fingerprints on the screen. A soft cloth can easily remove oil, grease, dirt and dust.

It Is Easy To Install

If you ever installed a plastic screen protector, you know it can be difficult. Plastic screen protectors can easily peel off and leave those annoying air bubbles under the film. Tempered glass is easier to install and works more smoothly. You will have to make sure that the screen is cleaned correctly before the application.

Concluding to this article, glass protectors give extra definitive protection to your mobile. We all know that a smartphone is very expensive, especially when you have a new model. So why not protect it with the glass and save it from damage?

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