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Whether you’re trying to sell your house, invite guests to a party, or just want to enjoy your view, having clean windows will make your whole house shine. Your windows are the 1st things which make an impression on people coming inside of your home or office. The converse is also true: If your windows have a layer of dirt or grime, you can make the whole place look less clean than it is.
If you don’t have time to do it yourself you will always have ICleaning Limited and our Ashford Window Cleaning.

Ashford Window Cleaning

Maybe you have a maid or housekeeper service, or think you will only do the interior and only have professional window cleaners to take care of the exterior. It may seem more practical or profitable, but generally, it is not. Only professional window cleaners have the tools to really get the job done right. Your house cleaning service can leave streaks, and if you want to make the windows yourself, but somehow it doesn’t … well, you will have clean windows on the outside, but if the interior is dusty and dirty, the windows it just won’t look clean. ICleaning Limited window cleaning kits are professionally certified, licensed, bonded and insured. You can trust our Window Cleaning in Ashford to work inside your home, and we will also make sure to keep your home clean.

Clean the latest Windows

If you are performing other services in your home, from landscaping to pressure washing and painting, it is best to save the windows for last. Why? You’ll be amazed at the dirt and dust that can stir even with minor maintenance, and when it lands on your windows, there goes that cleaning. It’s also important to know that if you’re doing construction or remodeling work on your home, gypsum mud, paint, or even abrasive chemicals can easily get onto your windows. Ask your contractors to glue and cover your windows to avoid as much of this as possible. Schedule professional window cleaning last, so your clean windows can be the finishing touch.

Don’t Trust Mother Nature

The dirt, dust, and salt can accumulate on windows due to less rain. You might think that when there is finally a downpour, it will just take care of that dirt. In fact, the rain will only dirty a dirty window: it will slide from a clean window. The moisture is not helping to dissolve the salt or sand on the windows but is turning it into a layer of dirt. In order to really take advantage of your ocean view, your home may need more frequent cleaning than an indoor residence.

Pay Attention To Hard Water Stains

Hard water deposits minerals on glass and other surfaces, leaving white circles and marks that can be difficult to remove. It is better not to try to take them off on your own. Without the right tools, it is extremely easy to scratch or scrape the glass, and unlike hard water stains, that cannot be removed. Professional window cleaning equipment can remove hard water stains and other mineral deposits, allowing you to have a clear view again.

Use The Correct Cleaner

Something as simple as using the right solution to clean your windows can make the job much, much easier. When selecting a window cleaner, be sure to use an ammonia-free solution. Ammonia can damage the materials around windows, cause stained windows to discolor, and is also very toxic and can irritate the skin and lungs. There are many great options on the market that are safe and ammonia-free or mix water, dish soap, and white vinegar for a DIY solution.

Use The Wrong Tools

When cleaning your windows, choosing the wrong tools can have a lasting impact on your windows. Most people simply choose to use paper towels and window cleaners, but using a squeegee on exterior surfaces can save time and remove dirt and grime more effectively. Paper towels or microfiber glass polishing cloths are likely to work well on interior surfaces and manage to minimize dripping. Take care to avoid using razor blades and other similar abrasive tools, as they could end up scratching the surface permanently.

Save It For A Rainy Day

It may seem more tempting to clean windows on a day when the sun is shining and it’s nice to be outside, but waiting for the cloud to cover will save you time in the long run. When the windows are in the direct heat of sunlight, the cleaner will dry much faster and be much more likely to leave streaks. Instead, try to avoid cleaning in direct sunlight, which will give you much more time to properly apply the cleaner and avoid having to repeat the process.

Do It Halfway

When you decide to clean the windows, be sure to complete the task completely; That means window screens, interiors, exteriors, and window sills. Without cleaning the entire window, it will look and feel like nothing has been cleaned. Remember that rain will not rinse away the dirt from a dirty window and instead only make it look dirtier. Remove and moisten your screens, and gently rub them to remove all dirt and grime. Clean the inside and outside of your windows, and you’ll be sure to reap the benefits.

Ashford Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows yourself seems easy but sometimes it is not. If your home windows are too dirty or too high to reach the outside, always try to contact a professional who knows exactly what you are doing and you can make your windows shine!

Do you need to schedule window cleaning for your home? Call ICleaning Limited for Window Cleaning Ashford Kent to learn more about our complete and reliable service!

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